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      After A LOT of researching on which small, gas powered oven I should get, I finally took the plunge to order an Ardore. I was split between a Roccbox, Ooni Koda and the Ardore. While all are good ovens at making a good pizza, they all have strengths and weaknesses and you really have to see what your priorities are before choosing between them.  The Koda is still a new item so proper reviews are hard to come by. The Roccbox is very well represented on the internet and gets some very good reviews as well as a very nice design but the slightly yellowish flame was not to my liking and the wood option is not something which I need.

      When looking at the whole package I thought the Ardore ticks the most boxes. It is slightly bigger than the others, making it easier to cook and turn a pizza and probably provides a more even temperature range in the oven. Would have loved to see more videos showing it cook more food and not just pizza. Gozney’s Youtube channel is a good example. If it weren’t for the very expensive shipping I would have bought it earlier but the discount offered by Simone made it a bit less of a hit.

      We’ll see how I get along. Hope to put up some nice pictures of my creations here and looking forward to keep improving my pizza making skills!

      Greetings from Malta!

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        good, we ship tomorrow

        remember the first moderate heating 1h30m at about 200C

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